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Software Partners now offers Spectra Logic tape libraries! Spectra Logic models scale from 15 to 6150 slots and from 1 to 120 tape drives. Available tape technologies include LTO, SDLT, AIT, and SAIT. With more than 15,000 libraries installed worldwide, Spectra Logic is a leader in data protection and storage solutions. For more information, click here.

Software Partners Announces SLS-to-TAPESYS Conversion Process!

TAPESYS V6.2.5 and JB V5.1.7 have been released - compatible with OpenVMS V8.4 for Integrity and Alpha!

TSHAD/CMP now ported to IA64!

Software Partners ports TAPESYS and JB Products to HP OpenVMS on Integrity servers!

Download your TAPESYS and JB demos now!

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Download TAPESYS V6.2
Download JB V5.1

Current issues with TAPESYS

Migrating from VAX to Itanium!

White paper on improving availability and lowering TCO with HP Integrity servers and OpenVMS

White paper comparing TCO of OpenVMS to other operating systems

PowerPoint presentation comparing TCM of OpenVMS clusters to IBM AIX clusters

Note: If you choose to download these products rather than have our product CD shipped to you, please contact us (email us at tech_support AT or call us at 978-887-6409) to get a new key. TAPESYS V5/JB V3 keys will not support these products.

New Products for Other Operating Systems:

HyperTape: High performance enterprise backup and restore for virtually all platforms


Outstanding Products for OpenVMS:

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