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Software Partners, Inc. is dedicated to providing Industrial Strength enterprise backup and recovery and Y2K testing solutions for OpenVMS environments. Since 1983, Software Partners has provided the highest quality software and support services for business and industry, small and large.

Contacting Software Partners for Support

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Hours of Operation

Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Extended Support Hours: For emergency technical support outside our regular support hours, call our main number, select the "technical support" option, and then follow the prompts to select "emergency support."

Training and Consulting Services

The training courses offered by Software Partners have been designed to deliver in-depth knowledge of the SPI product line to our customers. Through classroom lectures, software demonstrations, comprehensive course materials, and hands-on experience, students learn how to make the most efficient use of each product in their environment.
  • Do your new users know how to implement the products in the most beneficial way?
  • Are your operators aware of new, more efficient ways to accomplish daily tasks?
  • Is your staff utilizing the new features of the product?
  • Are you making the best of the features within each product?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then your company needs Software Partners' training courses! New and old users alike will benefit from product training.

Software Partners' training courses are delivered on-site in your environment or in our training facility. This allows you to customize a course to fit your particular site-specific needs. It also provides a cost-effective way to train the maximum number of people, and get the most for your training dollars!

Course Offerings

Introduction to
TAPESYS® (1 day)
This course provides system managers and operations staff with the basics of implementing TAPESYS. Setup of both the backups and product defaults are discussed, as well as instructions on how to restore files. Due to the fast-paced nature of this course, it is recommended that attendees are, at a minimum, VMS-operator proficient, and that they know how to use DCL and EDT.

Topics include:

  • TAPESYS media database management
  • Setting up .SBK files
  • TAPESYS history sets
  • Performing restores

Introduction to TAPESYS (2 days)
This course provides a more comprehensive introduction to TAPESYS for system managers and operators, with a large amount of time devoted to hands-on experience. Details of implementing TAPESYS are discussed at length. System backups and restores are discussed and implemented, as are user backups and restores. More time is available to discuss customizations, reporting, and special requirements. This is the recommended course for new users of TAPESYS.

Topics include:

  • TAPESYS media database management
  • TAPESYS history files
  • Performing restores
  • Vaulting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Customizations...and more

TAPESYS (Advanced features)
This course is designed for the experienced TAPESYS user. It covers little-known features of TAPESYS-specifically those that might add value to the product as it is currently running in your environment. Tips and tactics for customization are offered, as well as problem debugging techniques. Additional useful TAPESYS command procedures are distributed and discussed as well.

Topics include:

  • Little-known features of TAPESYS
  • Tips and tactics
  • Handy .COM files...and more

Introduction to HIERARCHY® (1 day)
This course provides system managers with the basics for implementing HIERARCHY. Each interface is discussed, with emphasis made o the one(s) applicable to your site. Different setup options are covered, as well as many VMS commands. Troubleshooting techniques are discussed briefly.

Topics include:

  • HIERARCHY concepts (outswap and inswap)
  • Discussion of interfaces
  • VMS_interface.PAR
  • DPAR
  • HIERARCHY (VMS) commands

Introduction to HIERARCHY (2 days)
This course provides a more comprehensive introduction to HIERARCHY for system managers. All the information from the one-day class is covered, as well as additional information on backups, merge processing routines, RAM disk processing, DECwindows interface, zero block headers, and more Many hands-on exercises are included. This course goes into great detail and is recommended for system managers who will be supporting the product.

Topics include:

  • HIERARCHY concepts (outswap and inswap)
  • Discussion of interfaces
  • VMS_interface.PAR
  • DPAR
  • HIERARCHY (VMS) commands
  • Merge processing
  • Advanced topics (RAM disk processing, zero block headers, etc.)
  • Technical discussions

Implementing BACKUP, ARCHIVE, and RESTORE with Hierarchical Storage
This course is designed for customers who have purchased multiple products from Software Partners, Inc. The implementation and integration of these products are discussed, specifically TAPESYS, HIERARCHY, and THRUway. Interfaces to hardware devices are set up and the specific system is put in working order. Different concepts are discussed, with an emphasis on designing a system that works for your, the customer.


In addition to the various training programs, Software Partners, Inc. offers consulting on an as-needed basis. Some examples of a consulting project might include:

  • Installation and implementation of product(s)
  • Site management concepts
  • Creating custom command procedures
  • Offering advice on designing a BACKUP, RESTORE, and ARCHIVE system

Software Partners, Inc. has a great deal of expertise in the storage management software business, and would like to share that expertise with our customers. Please call us today at (978) 887-6409 and ask for our Training Department.

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