Critical Issues with TAPESYS

As always, SPI recommends that all users run the latest version of our products. We are currently shipping and supporting TAPESYS V6.2.4. To receive V6.2.4 or to obtain assistance with upgrading, please contact us at (978) 887-6409 or tech_support AT

Issues in OpenVMS

1) TAPESYS V6.2.4 and JB V5.1.6 must be installed together

Description: To take advantage of the new tape drive locking feature, and to have TAPESYS and JB work together in a unified fashion, TAPESYS V6.2.4 and JB V5.1.6 must be installed together. If you are running earlier versions of TAPESYS and JB and decide to upgrade to the latest version of one, you must upgrade to the latest version of both products. Failure to do so will cause problems.

V6.2.2 and RMU Backups

Using TAPESYS V6.2.2 with RMU backups yielded the following error:

$ if encryption_active .and. mount_with_compaction
%DCL-W-UNDSYM, undefined symbol - check validity and spelling

This error has been fixed. Please contact Software Partners for the minipatch that can be applied to solve this problem. (This fix will be included in TAPESYS V6.2.3.)

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